JOHANNESBURG: The measurement options available to advertisers in South Africa are growing, with Nielsen’s announcement of a new digital audience metric, the Publisher Audience Measure Survey currently in field and the possibility of fusing this data with Nielsen’s FMCG Homepanel early next year.

Last week, Nielsen introduced Digital Ad Ratings to South Africa, the first country on the continent to have the tool which delivers information on demographics, unique audience, reach, frequency and gross rating points (GRPs) for a campaign's total digital audience across computers, tablets and smartphones.

“The tool empowers clients to measure campaigns, irrespective of size or where they are placed, from a neutral, independent stand point,” explained Terry Murphy, Nielsen South Africa, Watch Head.

It also enables tracking of publishers on their performance, in terms of their accuracy in reaching a desired target market, against global norms.

Meanwhile the Publisher Research Council (PRC) is fielding the Publisher Audience Measure Survey (PAMS) with the aim of measuring and tracking audiences across all reading platforms to enable the buying and selling of advertising.

“Other elements in the brief to Nielsen included the ability to fuse our currency survey to ES (Establishment Survey), IAB data and the PRC mobile reader panel,” said Peter Langschmidt, consultant to the PRC.

“We are talking to many database and survey owners,” he added, “and we could be fusing with the Nielsen FMCG Homepanel [which measures actual purchases as opposed to claimed behaviour] as early as the second quarter of next year after the release of PAMS in February 2018.

“This is not some futuristic pipe dream that only exists in first-world markets,” he stated.

Such fused data should enable the industry to deliver better targeted and more effective campaigns.

“A hub or establishment survey with donor currencies and purchases is based on global best practice, and produces vastly more insightful and real data,” Langschmidt said.

“Although we can fuse with any survey, provided that we have the relevant common variables in both, the process has to start somewhere and it’s great for our publishers, that we, together with Nielsen, are pioneering brand and media fusion in the advertising industry.”

Data sourced from IOL, PRC: additional content by WARC staff