The emerging Gen Z segment has distinct preferences and is not impressed by established marketing plays. Brands will need to over-invest in strategies, platforms and ideas to reach them.

What does this mean?

  • Marketers can only engage these consumers by meeting them at the platforms they favour – such as TikTok – but that also requires them to view issues like brand safety and guardianship in a different light.
  • Brands will need to collaborate with Gen Z consumers but they can ensure co-creation takes place within set boundaries.
  • Micro-communities are a trend for Gen Z, which forms tribes around shared cultures, fashion or social causes. Brands can meet Gen Z by taking a stand on causes.

Key quote

“The main issue for companies, especially the bigger and multinational ones, is not about whether they want to be authentic, but about how much control they are willing to concede to consumers” – Chito Jusi, director at Kantar Millward Brown. 

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Sourced from WARC