National airline Qantas is prioritising quality and relevancy across multiple platforms – magazine, online, social, and video – in its quest to become Australia’s best content marketing brand.

Across the Qantas network, content reaches an audience of 22.8 million people per year. The Qantas Magazine is the number one title in the airline, business, finance and prestige categories with readership up 4% year-on-year, reaching an audience of 420,000 through the magazine alone. The airline reaches more C-suite executives than any other magazine in Australia and the Qantas magazine reader earns an average income of $128,000. 

“At a time when companies are slashing budgets doing everything on the cheap, Qantas is choosing to invest in quality content across every platform. Beautifully photographed stories by writers in the magazine, incredibly useful city-based content on the website and engaging videos on Facebook,” said Kirsten Galliott, Editor in Chief for Qantas Media in content agency Medium Rare. She was speaking at the Mumbrella Publish event in Sydney recently. (For more on Qantas’ best-in-class content marketing strategy, read WARC’s in-depth report.)

“We’ve just closed the biggest October issue in the magazine’s history and digital revenue is absolutely soaring. Anyone who doesn’t think that brands are the new publishers is seriously out of touch.”

The multiple arms of Qantas’ content network are considered right from the planning stage, with Galliott noting that the axiom to “create once, publish everywhere” has been usurped.

“If you plan strategically as we do, you're creating the right kind of content from the get-go that can be re-purposed across different channels,” she said.

Amplification of content is key, Galliott explained, and Medium Rare works closely with Qantas to ensure every piece created gets a push through EDMs, in the Qantas app, on the WiFi landing page, on lounge screens and more. The next stage is to prepare for what Galliott calls "the onslaught of personalisation" which she believes is fast becoming a customer expectation.

“We’re creating persona-based content so that when the technology is really ready, so are we,” she said.

“It is a long game but we do need to be prepared for it.”

Sourced from WARC