Purple, the mattress company, is partnering with a range of influencers that can help it reach people who run their home, thus moving it beyond the broad, irreverent humour that has characterised much of its advertising.

Joe Megibow, the chief executive of Purple, discussed this subject at CommerceNext 2019, a retail-focused conference held in New York.

And he reported that the mattress brand, which has generated over 1.5 billion views of its comedic video ads in three years, is now working with a group of influencers that can enable it to connect with a different audience.

The brand, for instance, has partnered with influencers in interior design, the bridal space, and busy moms who create popular digital content – and employed a distinct tone compared with the videos that initially built Purple’s brand.

“This is [for] moms and women and people who manage the look and feel of their home,” said Megibow. (For more, read WARC’s in-depth report: How mattress brand Purple has generated 1.5 billion online video views in three years.)

“This is the female head of household, who is the buyer of furniture, mattresses, bedding and [products for the] bedroom … [We’re] starting to recognise that we’ve got a connection with them as well.”

One underlying motivation for this activity is to champion its product benefits, which in large part are premised on the hyper-elastic polymer that forms the heart of its mattresses.

“For all the money that we’ve spent – and we spend 30% of revenue on marketing, we put a lot of money behind this – it’s interesting that the number one self-reported way that consumers hear about Purple” is word of mouth, its CEO revealed.

“And that’s what’s started to shift our thinking on how we storytell moving forward,” he continued, meaning that its approach is not reliant on humour alone.

The next question: “How do we start to evolve our brand into more of a storytelling capability around these benefits … and that word-of-mouth connection on the product itself, and the [product] benefit?” asked Megibow. “That’s really what you’ll start to see us doing a lot more moving forward.”

Sourced from WARC