LONDON: More than 90% of young consumers in the UK are not interested in making ecommerce purchases from Facebook, according to a study.

The Beans Group, the insights provider, polled 1,700 students in the 16–24 year old demographic, and discovered 91% were not enthused by the idea of buying goods and services directly from the social network.

Only 4% of interviewees had the opposite view. The remaining 5% said they "didn't know" whether it would be of use as yet.

The major concerns expressed among participants upon considering online transactions included getting the best deal, which was cited an issue by 58% of those surveyed.

An additional 53% of the sample raised worries regarding delivery, standing at 48% for receiving a refund if necessary, and 43% for potential security failings.

Elsewhere, the analysis found 28% of contributors browse Facebook or Twitter while watching television "all the time". A further 50% "sometimes" did so, and 16% occasionally engaged in this pastime.

When discussing online television, a 45% share of the panel consumed this kind of material for less than an hour a day, whereas 33% logged a viewing time of between 60 and 120 minutes a day. Another 14% played back content for two to three hours.

Turning to mobile devices, around a quarter of respondents utilised feature phones at present, and just 6% anticipated doing so in the future.

A 19% proportion of individuals questioned used an iPhone, but more than 33% expected to buy an Apple-made handsets when choosing a new device. These totals stood at 31% and 29% for alternatives powered by Google Android.

By contrast, while 19% of students currently possess a BlackBerry, just 7% agreed they would prefer to acquire one of Research in Motion's handsets next time.

"There is an opportunity, but one of the defining things of young people is that they manage a lot more than other generations can. They can be walking along the street texting and chatting. Everything is going on at the same time," said Luke Mitchell, head of youth strategy at The Beans Group.

"This group operates on what is going on the next day and what they have to prepare for, so there is not a lot of planning a marketer can do around their daily life."

Data sourced from Marketing Week; additional content by Warc staff