The US-based Media Rating Council (MRC) and the China Media Assessment Council (CMAC), two non-profit industry ad measurement bodies, have set out a joint action plan to validate and improve digital audience measurement in China.

According to a joint statement released last week, MRC and CMAC, which is an independent working unit within the China Advertising Association, have set themselves a list of priorities for 2019.

These include completion of the assessment and accreditation of the digital audience measurement tools provided by Nielsen and Miaozhen, one of China’s leading third-party ad tech companies. This comes after AdMaster’s TrackMaster service was withdrawn from MRC’s accreditation process last year.

The two bodies also intend to promote the development of industry tools to improve measures against invalid traffic and digital ad fraud in China – and these are likely to focus on include and exclude lists, data centre threat lists as well as threshold guidance.

On top of conducting regular meetings to educate the industry on measurement, quality and transparency issues, a joint working group of CMAC and MRC members will focus on improving standards.

The CAA will supervise the China standards workstream, although the standards will be released under the auspices of CAA/CMAC with further support coming from the MRC.

The two industry bodies have also set themselves the task of seeking out vendors of quality measurement techniques of other important metrics, such as ad impressions, performance, validation and brand safety – with a view to accreditation.

“The Associations collectively recognise the importance of building a healthy and sustainable digital advertising environment and have been focused on setting appropriate governance structures to do so; these priorities have been established to further facilitate this process,” the joint statement read.

“The overall goal is to transition the responsibility for China measurement governance on a gradual basis from a joint MRC/CMAC function to autonomous CMAC processes, including administering compliance examinations using media-measurement experienced CPAs locally in China.”

Sourced from MRC, CMAC; additional content by WARC staff