TOKYO: Stanislav Vecera, President of Procter and Gamble in Japan, has urged agencies to stand behind the company's principles on media transparency and "not try to tell us that your company has a better way", five months on from Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard's speech on the issue.

"What I need from all [agencies] is the leadership. The leadership in making these points that we really stand behind as a company. Make them happen," he said at Advertising Week Asia in Tokyo. (For more, read WARC's exclusive report: P&G Japan urges agencies to lead on media transparency)

"Stand behind these principles. Do not try to tell us that it's okay to do something. Do not try to tell us that your company has a better way. Let's agree on the industry standards. Leadership, partnership, and working on exciting ideas, is how we can grow [the] Japanese market," Vecera said.

In late 2016, Dentsu admitted to "inappropriate operations" in digital media trading, which was eventually revealed to have affected more than 100 of the agency's clients in Japan. The agency was forced to repay more than US$2.3 million as a result of overcharging.

Vecera believes that genuine change on such a pertinent issue must be a partnership with those in the ad industry.

"We have very strong principles and values and we won't break or compromise. We would rather not advertise and not allow ads to be put on wrong sites. It is a strong message but it is fundamental for media transformation," Vecera said.

"It is an example of doing hard things right, rather than the easy things wrong."

Data sourced from WARC