HARIDWAR: Patanjali, the disruptive FMCG brand, is branching out in a new direction as its founder has announced he is entering the private security business.

“Patanjali has sensitised people towards yoga, Ayurveda and Swadeshi (products),” said yoga guru Baba Ramdev. “Our aim is to now inspire a sense of security among individuals and resolve to work towards the protection of our country.”

A new business, Parakram Suraksha Pvt Ltd, will use retired Army and police personnel to train people to work as private security guards, the Economic Times reported.

The first batch of recruits is already undergoing training at Patanjali’s headquarters in Haridwar, which is expected to push through 100 fully trained workers every month who will be deployed to centres run by Patanjali Yogpeeth, Ramdev’s yoga institute, as well as being available for hire by corporate offices, individuals and shopping malls.

Security is a fast-growing area – FICCI predicts it will double in the next few years – in which modern technology and international businesses have rewritten the skillset required, according to Major Manjit Rajain, executive chairman of Tenon Group, an integrated security and facilities management business.

“A multinational company demands more skills, like movement of men, material, frisking, fire-fighting, first aid, etc,” he told The Hindu.

And as more technology in the form of cameras and software is introduced, “the need for security guards will reduce, and those who remain will have to be up-skilled”

At the moment, however, the industry remains fragmented, with perhaps 25% being taken by the organised sector, but Rajain expected that share to grow over the next few years as new regulations take effect and as the general sales tax imposes new requirements on firms.

Data sourced from Economic Times, The Hindu; additional content by WARC staff