LONDON: Apps have a limited lifespan when it comes to trying to impress British mobile consumers because a quarter of them are deleted on the same day they are downloaded, according to a new study into UK app usage.

Based on responses from 2,000 people, the research from Publicis Media also revealed that UK consumers delete a fifth of apps after just one day of use.

Collectively, UK consumers are walking around with 2.5bn apps installed on their mobile phones, the report said, and the average UK adult will download 1,512 apps over the course of their lives.

In addition, the average Briton has 27 apps on their phone – but they use only six each day – and they download an average of two apps a month.

However, with 1-in-4 UK consumers deleting an app after just one day's use, it emerged that irrelevance and the app no longer being needed are among the main reasons for this behaviour.

That said, older consumers aged 55+ appear to show greater loyalty to an app, with 18% of this age group saying they have never deleted one compared to just 9% of millennials aged 18 to 34.

The research also revealed that 71% of UK consumers only ever download free apps, although men are prepared to spend slightly more than women. According to the findings, 16% of men spend £1 or more on app downloads compared with 11% of women.

Men and women also differ on the importance they attach to content, with 45% of men saying sporting apps are most useful while women cite social media (54%) and banking and finance apps (44%).

"Apps have only been around for a relatively short time but they have absolutely transformed the way we live our lives. And, it's staggering to think how many the average person will download in their lifetime," said Scott Curtis, the head of Publicis Media's mobile team in the UK.

"However, our research has also highlighted that many don't stand the test of time, with a quarter of apps deleted on the day of download," he added.

"Any brand or company looking to develop an app must understand that launching it is only the beginning of the journey – apps must be engaging, useful and at all times relevant or face becoming quickly obsolete."

Data sourced from Publicis Media; additional content by Warc staff