Route, the audience research body for out-of-home ads (OOH) in the UK, has launched a new and more accurate system of measuring how many people view advertising when they’re on the move.

The system, Route says, uses Multi-Sensory-Tracking (MST) devices to analyse people’s travel patterns across the UK.

It combines this data with detailed mapping of every outdoor site in the country, including places such as overground and underground rail stations, shopping centres, supermarkets, airports, roadside and buses and taxis.

Route’s Traffic Intensity Model then uses this information to offer the most accurate audience estimates available for each ad played on every outdoor site in the country.

This means advertisers will be able to plan more effective and efficient outdoor campaigns.

Advertisers will have access to spot-level measurement, whether the spot is one second or a week, with reports based on 15-minute increments.

It will replace a system that measured digital audiences by the share of time an ad was on a screen, without considering that different ad lengths affect the number of times they are broadcast, and so the number of impacts they can generate.

Rather than reporting audiences with an opportunity to see advertising, Route’s tool will quantify the number of people who actually see them.

“We recognised the rapidly changing nature of the market and have evolved to ensure our measurement system can provide greater detail on travel habits than ever before,” said James Whitmore, outgoing MD of Route.

He claimed the organisation would now be able to determine “with pinpoint precision” who is exposed to OOH and for how long.

“The new currency will improve the capability to deliver audience-based planning and trading. This in turn will drive effectiveness and efficiency,” he added.

“These developments have been made possible by the out-of-home industry doubling its investment in our measurement system, which has meant an increased sample of participants and the deployment of ground-breaking passive measurement devices.”

Sourced from Route