NEW YORK: The frequency of using a particular type of media seemingly increases consumers’ trust in advertising through that channel, according to new research published in the Journal of Advertising Research (JAR).

In Examining Consumers’ Multiplatform Usage and Its Contribution to Their Trust in Advertising: The Impact of the Device on Platform-Use Frequency and Trust in Advertising across Platforms, Kristin Stewart (California State University/San Marcos) and Isabella Cunningham (University of Texas/Austin) outlined the results from two studies covering various media channels.

“With regard to trust in advertising, it appears that more frequent platform usage led to greater trust in advertising on those platforms,” the authors reported.

“Most notable is that in Studies 1 and 2, consumers’ mobile-use frequency positively contributed to their trust in mobile advertising.”

Age makes an important difference, too. “Younger adults use mobile platforms much more frequently than all others. Conversely, older adults use television more and mobile less,” Stewart and Cunningham wrote.

Furthermore, the two academics indicated, “Older adults tend to prioritise their choices on the basis of emotionally meaningful goals more than do younger adults.

“For example, newspaper or television may be more emotionally meaningful to older adults than mobile platforms, because they are both traditional and more reflective of the older adults’ generation and are based on entertainment or escape.”

In their paper, which appeared in a special “What We Know About Mobile Media and Marketing” section of JAR, Stewart and Cunningham suggested that, “Armed with this knowledge, advertisers can better target relevant age groups”.

But they also asked, “Could researchers assume that an increase in use of mobile platforms will strengthen consumers’ trust in mobile advertising?”

Their answer: “Although the results of this research do not warrant such a conclusion, the question remains open for consideration.

“Industry reports show that trust in advertising on mobile platforms is rising, which coincides with the staggering increases in time spent on mobile platforms.”

Data sourced from Journal of Advertising Research; additional content by WARC staff