NEW YORK: NBCUniversal (NBCU), the media and entertainment group, has launched a new, unified advertising metric that it says will measure all ad impressions from clients across all its viewing platforms.

These will include all live and on-demand broadcasts as well as time-shifted impressions, covering both TV and digital, the company announced in a statement.

Dubbed CFlight, the metric is based on a composite score developed from independent, third party, sources (such as Nielsen) and – of particular note for advertisers – is described as the only advertising metric that just counts digital impressions viewed to completion.

In other words, an advertiser will only be expected to pay for what has been viewed all the way through, reported Adweek.

Also included in this composite measurement is co-viewing on OTT platforms – an important development since OTT represents more than one third of NBCU’s long-form, digital video consumption.

“Consumer behaviour has changed the way our content is consumed, and it’s time for metrics to catch up and show the true power of premium video,” said Linda Yaccarino, chairman of advertising and client partnerships at NBCU.

“As our industry questions the strength of digital-first advertising, we are guaranteeing that campaigns running around NBCUniversal content, regardless of platform, are reaching true, valuable audiences at scale,” she added.

According to the Axios news website, it has taken the Media Rating Council (MRC) some time to introduce an industry-wide standard metric of its own, so NBCU’s move can be viewed as a sign that the industry is taking matters into its own hands to speed up the process.

“We have waited for the industry standard and it hasn’t happened. We can no longer wait because viewership is moving so much further to digital. Consumers are viewing content wherever, whenever they want,” said Laura Molen, NBCU’s EVP of lifestyle and Hispanic advertising sales.

NBCU’s initiative has also been endorsed by some leading agencies. “CFlight is an important step towards better measurement in a cross-platform video environment,” said John Swift, CEO of investment & integrated services North America, at Omnicom Media Group.

“We believe measurement which reflects the nuances inherent with each of these very different consumer viewing environments is a crucial prerequisite to optimising cross-platform advertising efficiency,” he added.

Sourced from NBCUniversal, Adweek, Axios; additional content by WARC staff