Google, BT (twice) and Chivas Brothers were among the winning brands at yesterday’s MRS Awards, where Thinkbox also picked up an award for its innovative Demand Generator tool which makes econometrics available to all. 

  • MRS Award for Media Research: Thinkbox
    The TV industry body built Demand Generator, a unique, online took that determines the optimal media mix specific to a brand’s category, budget and goals.

  • MRS Award for Applications of Research: BT
  • The media brand created the only Pay TV product that enables customers to switch content in and out, month by month. In the first six weeks, TV acquisitions grew by 11%.

  • MRS Award for Insight Management: BT
    BT built an interactive simulator to forecast the impact of pricing changes, which has become the reference tool for pricing decisions; the variety of engagement ensures this work embeds insight across every level of the organisation.
  • MRS Award for Cultural Insight: Chivas Brothers
    Semiotic analysis, cultural research and expert interviews helped the whisky brand develop an updated language of whisky flavours to make its products more appealing to new and millennial consumers. 

  • MRS Award for New Consumer Insights: Google
    The tech company’s “messy middle” research was part of a revised marketing model that reflects the new reality of consumer behaviour.

A total of 12 awards were announced. WARC subscribers can read the winning papers in full here.

Sourced from MRS