MENLO PARK, CA: Mobile continues to grow as the dominant channel for holiday shopping across 17 markets, according to new research from Facebook, which saw the channel widen the gap first established over desktop in 2016.

Recently released Facebook insight showed that mobile conversions versus desktop conversions grew to new heights in 2017. China’s Singles’ Day say 80% of transactions converted through mobile, while 69% and 64% of Facebook transactions were mobile for Black Friday and Cyber Monday respectively.

In addition, the social network’s research noted the proliferation of ‘shopping holidays’ that originate outside of a market. For instance, Black Friday has moved outside of its original United States market with some success.

There are a number of reasons for the growth in mobile conversions. The ability to buy anywhere is enticing, just as improvements in mobile UX, data plans, and WiFi availability have contributed.

Among advertisers, this has led to significant spending. WARC/IAB Data showed that the mobile sector accounted for 50.5% of all US internet adspend in 2016. Last year, mobile became the world’s second-largest ad medium.

Previous Facebook research demonstrated that in addition to mobile’s availability, mobile accelerates the time between ad exposure and eventual conversion by 13%. On average, people also tend to browse fewer products on a smartphone before making a purchase than they would on desktop.

Facebook suggests that the study’s insights mean that marketers should dip their toes into shopping holidays from other cultures and territories, citing the proliferation of the originally Chinese Singles Day across Southeast and East Asia and Australasia.

Sourced from Facebook, WARC