NEW YORK: Minor League Baseball (MiLB), the sports league, is leveraging a distinct content strategy that focuses as much on what happens “outside the white lines” as the game itself.

David Wright, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer at MiLB, believes that content marketing is a highly effective way for the brand to connect with consumers on a “day in, day out” basis.

“We love content. It really is a massive focus for us,” he said. (For more, read WARC’s in-depth report: Minor League Baseball’s whole new marketing ballgame.)

“Interestingly, the vast majority of our fans engage with Minor League Baseball for reasons other than what you see inside the white lines, which is unique. It’s different than what you might see at the major league level.”

Building on this theme, Wright suggested that telling human-interest stories, discussing the impact that clubs have on their local communities, and highlighting the fan experience can help MiLB stand out in the crowded online content space.

“That’s an important point, a distinction that really guides our content strategy. So, when we talk about content, we’re referring to ‘outside of the white lines’ [stories]. I think that’s an area that we can own, we can win,” he said.

“And that’s truly an area that I think resonates with our consumer and, as we think about next-generation fandom, is going to be core to those efforts.”

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are among the most successful channels for Minor League Baseball, according to Wright – and the brand is making further plans for enhancing its content distribution.

“At the end of day,” Wright told WARC in an interview, “it’s about creating compelling content and how you distribute that compelling content.

“For us, right now, it’s about creating the right content that connects with our present day and future consumer, and distributing that to as many eyeballs as we can.”

Sourced from WARC