BEST OF 2017: Marketers are slowly turning their attention towards Generation Z but in 2017 WARC subscribers were largely focused on their older brethren, Millennials.

The most read article during the year was a WARC Best Practice paper: How to market effectively to Millennials offered five principles for marketing campaigns targeting this demographic, including communicating a meaningful purpose for a brand, being authentic, leveraging digital content and social media effectively, rewarding Millennial consumers with access to unique experiences and reflecting a diverse, multicultural society.

In second place, How segmenting Millennials can help brands find the affluent influencers reported that only the 16% of all Millennials who can be classed as affluent really differ from their non-affluent co-Millennials, as well as other generations.

The third most-read article, Millennial myths and realities, advised that advertisers should often take a ‘culture before cohort’ approach.

In fourth place was an evergreen paper from InSites Consulting and Viacom International Media Networks: Getting close to youth: Understanding millennials' themes of life to create Gen-Y-proof brands outlined research across ten European countries which concluded that to be ‘millennial proof’, brands should be more human, provide relevance, have a social purpose, be positive and focus on sharing stories, not just sending messages.

Finally there was The curious contradiction of millennial individualism, which analysed US research data to explore the nature of the millennial psyche in relation to purchasing trends across wearable technology.

Sourced from WARC