Almost a third of client-side marketers have no modelling in place to measure the impact of marketing investment across walled garden platforms, according to a survey for WARC’s Marketer’s Toolkit 2021, but that is set to change as the end of third-party cookie tracking looms.

  • Client-side marketers use a variety of measurement systems to isolate the impact of their marketing investment, with brand lift studies (44%) the most popular in the survey. 
  • Post-cookie, brands are likely to step up their use of marketing mix modelling when devising media plans. Attribution modelling will continue to have a role, however, as a means of helping advertisers to optimise their tactics within a single platform.
  • By optimising content for attention, brands can achieve a higher share of attention relative to spend; for one UK retailer, this translated into a 7% improvement in digital ROI. 

“As third-party identifiers become less useful on the buy side, marketers will be forced to befriend publishers who have been able to create the audience insights they lack” – Mark Wagman, Managing Director, MediaLink.

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Sourced from WARC