Research suggests that the jolt of the pandemic has nudged clients into taking more ambitious bets in creative and strategic fields.

What’s happening: A study by the Australian agency Sparro, covered in B&T, into the attitudes of over 200 marketers shows that despite the crisis, at a business level, companies have been able to accelerate shifts and foster deeper connections with customers.

  • 93% of marketers say the way they work with agencies has changed.
  • 51% rely on their agencies to provide real-time insights and respond to challenges.

Strategy has become key, echoing the global findings of WARC’s Future of Strategy survey earlier this year.

For the majority of marketers whose needs are changing:

  • 49% say brand strategy;
  • 48% say content marketing; and
  • 46% say digital expertise.

Bottom line: As Mike Teasdale wrote for WARC this week, bravery is often as much a function of appropriateness in difficult times as originality.

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Sourced from B&T, WARC