Korean TV dramas, popularly known as K-dramas, are becoming an increasingly important channel for luxury brands to connect with consumers, not just in South Korea but across the wider Asia-Pacific region.

Hit shows that feature luxury goods are benefitting brands ranging from French accessories label Roger Vivier to Belgian handbag brand Delvaux and Boon the Shop, the South Korean clothing retailer.

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Netflix, which has signed up to releasing more than 40 K-dramas to its users by 2022, is a key choice for marketing budgets, but brands need to be careful to bet on the right show and ensure their strategies for K-drama deliver good return on investment.

Apart from investment in traditional celebrity endorsement and brand ambassadors, sponsorship of popular shows, which few luxury brands have opted for in the past, is expected to become a major area of growth, with US jeweller Tiffany & Co. leading the way.

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“If you want to go nationwide and reach out to [viewers in their 30s and 40s] who actually spend a lot of money, dramas play a more powerful role than social media” – Stephanie Kim, Korea country manager at Roger Vivier.

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Sourced from Business of Fashion