SYDNEY: Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics spends nothing on advertising, and instead uses social media, content marketing and a strong brand purpose to build buzz around its products.

According to Natasha Ritz, Brand Communications Manager at Lush Cosmetics for Australia and New Zealand, this approach reflects a core value of the brand itself: authenticity.

"Lush has a 'no global advertising' policy. So every piece of content that we put out does not have the opportunity to have money put behind it," Ritz said in an exclusive interview with Warc. (For more, including how Lush Cosmetics creates purpose-driven, engaging social media content, read Warc's exclusive report: Social media meets brand purpose at Lush Cosmetics.)

"On Facebook and now on Instagram as well, we don't do any above-the-line or below-the-line advertising," she explained. "Everything we do has to be organic and has to come from a very authentic place."

Despite organic reach on social media platforms continuing to decline, Lush remains committed to the strategy in Australia although it does prioritise in-house PR and working with online influencers.

"We really want the person getting engaged with our brand or sharing content about our brand to share how they truly feel, what their real experience was, and to share something that's really authentic about how they've interacted with the brand – as opposed to (Lush) paying for something and then maybe not necessarily getting a truly authentic response," Ritz said.

"We've definitely found that using organic reach, organic engagement, organic PR plans and working with influencers does create some really great long-term relationships with fantastic content that is authentic and coming from a really transparent place," she added.

Data sourced from Warc