Lockdown restrictions have put pause to in-person meetings, but this isn't a problem for B2B companies.

Research from McKinsey shows that approximately 70-80% of B2B decision makers prefer remote interactions or simply digital self-service, citing scheduling ease and travel savings.  

While the pandemic has shut down travel options due to lockdown restrictions, the reality of continuity is lost on few decision makers.

“Today, it looks like you can win business over Zoom,” noted Ogilvy UK’s Vice Chairman, Rory Sutherland in a recent appearance at the ANA, covered by WARC.

Across the world, the figures show, B2B providers’ belief in digital effectiveness is growing, as the below chart shows:

It’s not only for conversion, the respondents to the consultancy’s B2B Decision-Maker pulse panel report. New (digital) sales models are seen as equally or more effective than pre-COVID methods for reaching new customers by 76% of respondents.

Ultimately, some of these changes are expected to stick, with 89% of respondents in August report that they are either somewhat or very likely to sustain the digital go-to-market methods, an increase of 11.25% since the last survey was taken in April.

Sourced from McKinsey, WARC