A new joint study from media intelligence firm Meltwater and e-commerce platform Shopee reveals how consumer behaviour and online commerce has evolved in Singapore this year during the pandemic.

Key findings

  • Conversations around live streams and gamification of the online shopping experience increased by a massive 1890% on forums and social media since March.
  • News and social media chatter around online shopping in Singapore increased by 235% year-on-year in 2020, with home furniture and essentials among the most talked-about product categories.
  • Conversations around fitness and yoga equipment peaked during Singapore’s circuit breaker, as did demand – Shopee reported a 200x jump in fitness equipment sales, and 75x increase in yoga equipment sales during this period.
  • Shopee also noted a 40x increase in the number of live streams from brands and sellers in Singapore who sought to connect virtually and deepen engagement with their customers.

Key quote

“[Online shopping] presents a massive opportunity for e-commerce platforms and merchants to look for ways in which they can continue to attract and engage customers remotely. Live-streaming has proved to be an extremely useful tool in this regard – and that is driving its growth across Singapore and the region” – Mimrah Mahmood, senior director & partner at Meltwater Asia Pacific.

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Sourced from Meltwater, Shopee, MarTech Series