LONDON: Leisure and entertainment is seen as the most innovative sector on mobile in the UK, according to a survey of marketers by WARC and the Mobile Marketing Association.

The state of the industry: Mobile marketing in the UK 2018 is based on responses from 126 marketing professionals from across the UK and is a country-specific take on a Europe-wide study (The state of the industry: Mobile marketing in EMEA 2018.)

When asked to select which sector they thought was most innovative in terms of mobile marketing in their region, leisure and entertainment came out top in the UK, selected in total by 40% of respondents and ranked first by 13%.

Retail was the second-ranked option, selected by 33% (ranked first by 11%), while travel, transport and tourism was third, chosen by 31% (ranked first by 9%) .

Media and publishing was fourth, cited by 22% (ranked first by 9%), with food taking fifth place on 20% (ranked first by 5%).

But that view was not necessarily reflected in marketers’ views of which brands were most innovative.

Amazon was ranked top on this score (“mobile ads I actually notice rather than just get annoyed by,” said one respondent), followed by Samsung and Nike.

Wider trends reflected those highlighted in the earlier EMEA report, with mobile being widely supported at senior level but lacking an established strategy and plan.

The majority of respondents found mobile a ‘quite’ effective marketing channel and though a higher proportion of respondents see mobile as ‘very’ effective than in 2017, those seeing it as ineffective had also increased in proportion.

It also appears that spend on mobile has polarised somewhat to either end of the spend spectrum, with increases to the proportion of those spending over 15% and under 10%, but a dip in the middle.

Sourced from WARC