Interbrand’s Best Global Brands report for 2020 illuminates how the best brand leadership has dealt with unusual turmoil, by building economic resilience and individual confidence.

Why it matters

The pandemic’s most enduring outcome may be that continuity is no longer the default assumption and that the expectation of frequent systemic shocks means brands have to operate without anticipating an eventual return to normal.


  • Uncertainty fuels fear, but courageous leadership creates hope because it looks at situations with perspective, looking beyond near-term chaos.
  • During crises, the most courageous leaders inspire others to join them on the journey, creating a following.
  • These qualities help leaders, and the brands they lead, encapsulate and anticipate the zeitgeist.

The big idea

The pandemic may be not so much a black swan as a ‘gray rhino’ – an event that we saw coming but did not get ready for; brands should prepare for more on the horizon.

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