Full motion digital outdoor screens are three times more impactful than traditional static sites, but add technical capabilities like WiFi and AR and that figure jumps to eight times, research shows.

A study from Ocean Outdoor and Neuro-Insight built on their previous work in this area which found that:

• Premium outdoor primes the wider campaign (central to memory encoding and purchase behaviour),

• When people see online communication after seeing DOOH, their responses are 48% higher than when they viewed TV first,

• Full motion delivers 2.5 more memory encoding and emotional intensity than static advertising.

The latest research involved the assessment of interactions with premium DOOH that related to how smartphone users commonly use their handsets, such as uploading a picture onto a social media channel, watching a livestream of a sports event or a fashion show, seeing their picture in an AR scene, and using an app on their smartphone to connect and interact directly with a large format DOOH screen.

Not everyone who sees these sites will interact with them, but the study clearly showed their potential to impact effectiveness when people do engage, writes Helen Haines, Head of Marketing and Events, Ocean Outdoor.

“Harnessing technology elicits peaks of memory encoding,” she states. (For more details, read her exclusive article on WARC: Reimagining human engagement: How technology-driven creativity can bolster out-of-home advertising effectiveness.)

By measuring the additional functionalities afforded by tech-enabled screens and showing how they boost consumer responses, Ocean has been able to create a hierarchy of effectiveness which demonstrates how advertising which harnesses an element of interactive technology indexes against full motion alone.

So, for example, interaction with a screen using a smartphone and WiFi connectivity elicits a 52% higher impact than the baseline for full motion sites; higher impacts are possible using livestreaming, AR and social media.

“There is a unique opportunity for advertisers to bolster the effectiveness of their outdoor ads, and, ultimately, turn standard campaigns into star turns simply by adding an element of creative interactivity which resonates more deeply with people either at scale, or on a very personal level,” Haines maintains.

Sourced from WARC