Almost all Indonesians with access to connected TV (CTV) – and that’s seven in ten – increased their consumption of streaming content during the COVID-19 pandemic and a majority, a new survey shows, are willing to see ads in exchange for free streaming video.

Ad verification business Integral Ad Science surveyed over 1,000 consumers in Indonesia and Australia to understand the impact of their stay-at-home behaviours when it came to the consumption of video streaming services on CTV.

It found that not only were 92% of consumers in Indonesia watching more streaming content because of COVID-19, but also that 83% have added a subscription service this year and 89% have added free streaming to their repertoire.

But a willingness to watch ads is conditional on factors like quality, context and relevancy.

Almost six out of ten respondents said they prefer high-quality ads (ads appearing in a high-quality environment) when they are watching free streaming video content and more than half of them (56%) said that the ads must be relevant to the content they are watching.

Contextual relevance of ads in streaming content helps maintain consumer attention: the majority of consumers (75%) interviewed are likely to view an ad to completion if the ad is relevant to the content they’re engaging with.

The report further shows that mobile dominates as the overall digital medium of choice for Indonesians, with 76% of consumers using mobile to stream video. It also found that there is a growing adoption of CTV with 29% engaging with this medium for video content consumption.

In Australia, however, where CTV is similarly mainstream, with eight in ten consumers having access, consumers are more likely to stream video content on CTV (47%) compared to mobile, desktop, or tablets.

And here, consumers are significantly more likely to add a free streaming service (57%) than a subscription service (49%) due to COVID-19 quarantine measures. There’s an element of subscription fatigue creeping as three quarters of respondents say they are willing to see ads in exchange for watching free streaming videos and 62% plan to add free video streaming services in the next 12 months.

Australian consumers expressed similar sentiments to Indonesians regarding the quality and relevancy of ads but were less bothered by contextual considerations (55% would view an ad to completion).

Laura Quigley, SVP, APAC, IAS, suggested that advertisers have “a real opportunity to connect with consumers via this high impact medium in the lead-up to the peak shopping season”. But she also cautioned Australian advertisers to guard against scams and to have a “world-class fraud mitigation strategy” in place for CTV buys.

Sourced from Integral Ad Science