Even after the election, there’s much uniting to be done in the US, as Morning Consult’s research into consumer attitudes shows fault lines beyond politics to include age, income, education, community. Regardless, 2020 left Americans expecting more of brands and CEOs.

Why it matters

US brands need to play an increasing societal role, across issues including diversity, the environment, and stakeholder capitalism, valuing all those who have a stake in a company’s success.


  • There is a 63% increase since August 2019 in the share of Americans who think corporations should impact important issues.
  • Some demographics are more likely to stop buying from an unethical brand, but most don’t vote with their wallets on this matter.
  • Americans overwhelmingly agree that stakeholder capitalism is part of a company’s responsibility - taking care of and treating employees well in particular.

The big idea

US consumers have become more conscious of their power to influence and discerning in their decisions. The issues different groups rally around vary widely, creating an ongoing challenge for brands.

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