APAC: Mobile commerce is taking off around the world and nowhere more so than in Asia Pacific, where Twitter usage can be an indicator of likelihood to shop via mobile, research suggests.

Writing for WARC, Martyn U’ren, Head of Research, APAC, Middle East & North Africa, Twitter, outlines the findings of a global survey of 7,500 respondents in 15 markets and reports that consumers in emerging markets are more likely to adopt m-commerce compared to those in developed markets.

Twitter users surveyed were more likely than non-users to adopt mobile payment in all markets – most likely because Twitter is a mobile-first platform and Twitter users are more accustomed to mobile interactions and generally early adopters of technology.

“Marketers can extract valuable insight from Twitter users in understanding how their m-commerce strategy can work around the world,” says U’ren. (For more details, read WARC’s exclusive report: How m-commerce behaviour by Twitter users differs between markets.)

But the opportunities are greatest in Asia, where “approximately 2 in 3 Twitter users in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India, will browse on mobile devices and make mobile payments,” he notes.

India’s Twitter users lead the way in mobile shopping behaviour; 81% of Twitter users in India were likely to shop on mobile, compared to 59% in the US and just 44% in France.

“Marketers need to develop a mobile-first strategy to engage with consumers in Asia,” U’ren states.

He goes on to argue that Twitter can be a good route since two thirds of Twitter users in the research claim that one of the reasons they open the app is to know ‘what’s happening with brands’, a proportion that rises three quarters in India.

The survey further shows a wide range of factors affect the mobile shopping behaviour of Twitter users.

For example, 69% of users surveyed were most likely to browse and pay via mobile devices if they were females aged 18-45, with children, working full time and following brands on Twitter.

In comparison, only 38% of non-Twitter users were likely to do the same.

“Marketers interested in mobile shoppers could look into audience targeting for Twitter users that follow similar brands on Twitter,” U’ren suggests.

Sourced from WARC