Dating app Tinder has tapped into the diversity of its user base to successfully drive differentiation and app downloads – winning a SABRE Award in the process.

Tinder’s #RepresentLove campaign – aimed at persuading Unicode to create a series of interracial couple emojis – won the Best in Class in this week’s In2 Innovation SABRE Awards, part of the world’s largest PR awards programme delivered by The Holmes Report.

The campaign came about after the Global Tinder Survey on Interracial Relationships showed nearly 60% of singles around the world have been in a romantic relationship with someone of a different race.

But there is no emoji to represent such couples, unlike those in same-race or same-sex relationships.

A majority of respondents to the survey (52%) said interracial couples are underrepresented in today’s most ubiquitous tech languages – meaning emojis, GIFs and memes. So, Tinder felt confident that a push to introduce interracial couple emojis into screens and lives would resonate among its users.

The campaign recruited high-profile interracial couples, launched a petition and called for people in interracial relationships to tweet a photo of themselves in the iconic emoji pose (holding hands) for a chance to be “emojified.”

The campaign backbone was a strong earned media push which generated more than 200 unique stories around the world, achieving more than 1.789 billion impressions globally.

#RepresentLove also drove digital and social conversation around the brand, including 46.3 million uses of @tinder and #representlove, 5.2 million YouTube video views, and more than 50,000 signatures on the petition.

There were more than 17% new and re-downloads of the app during the campaign timeframe as the messages resonated not only with new users, but also with lapsed users who had deleted the app.

The campaign was also a winner beyond brand metrics as last week’s release of Unicode Emoji 12.0 included one for people holding hands with multiple variants for gender and skin tone.

Sourced from WARC, Unicode