Marketers should not shy away from the power of humour, even in challenging times, says a new report from BMB.

Why it matters

Do serious times call for serious brands? Or could brands use humour to lighten the mood? To stand out? To provide some escape? It definitely has a place, but how to deploy it will depend on the brand and the message.  


Using insight and examples, the report features eight recommendations on how to be funny, including:

  • Identify the type of humour that makes you, you (the classic brand archetype segmentation makes a good foundation for a humour strategy);
  • Don’t shy away from difficult topics; and
  • Global brands must understand what type of humour travels.

Key quote

“In fractured media environments, brands have fewer moments than ever to stand out. Every brand is fighting for share of attention and humour could give you an unfair advantage” – BMB Human Series.

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Sourced from WARC