For all the optimism surrounding COVID-19 vaccines and their possible imminent deployment, mass distribution remains some months away; the home-based lives of 2020 will continue well into 2021 and brands will need to respond accordingly.

  • For marketers, the shift to increased time at home is almost as significant as that to e-commerce: in a survey for WARC’s Marketer’s Toolkit 2021, 52% said it has impacted strategy. 
  • Sixty-one percent of brands indicated they are prioritising quality customer experience, so especially for categories deeply intertwined with home life, this would be one place to focus.
  • A third cited the impact of consumer cutbacks in travel and leisure spending. People are going local and brands can too: in keeping local businesses viable, they can ensure the stability of important distribution channels.

“We’ve definitely seen this humanity, authenticity and relatability in our content that has changed over the course of lockdown.” – Trevor Johnson, Head of Marketing, Global Business Solutions, Europe, TikTok.

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Sourced from WARC