Around the world, consumers’ behaviours are changing and their expectations of brands are growing, but when innovating it’s important to remember that their basic needs remain much the same. 

Three trends

Trendwatching, the global consumer trends business, identifies three trends, based on basic needs, that are driving change and innovation:

  • The Metaverse: How can you offer consumers meaning across real and virtual worlds? 
  • Focus on wellbeing: People are looking to apps, services, products and tools to find and tap into inner peace.
  • Factual healing: Consumers are looking to brands to tackle disinformation and sort fact from fiction.

Key quote

“Brands need to think about how their innovations are serving those basic needs in new ways,” says Victoria Loomes, head of premium content at TrendWatching UK. “We must look for the expectation gaps – that’s where you can hit the sweet spot of innovation.”

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Sourced from WARC