ORLANDO, FL: Early May and July are when search volumes on Google peak in the US for the automotive industry while retail search volumes are at their highest during the autumn, recent analysis of the platform's seasonal search volumes has shown.

The WhosOn report, a live web visitor tracking service from Parker Software, examined US Google search data stretching back five years and checked search volumes and topics across four key industries – automotive, finance, retail and travel.

It found searches for financial issues tend to record their highest volume at the beginning of the year while November usually has the lowest volume of searches, MarketingProfs reported.

Volume searches for retail usually rise in September and reach a peak from the end of October onwards as consumers prepare for the winter holiday seasons, the report said.

And not surprisingly, volume searches about travel topics begin to rise in April ahead of the summer season, peaking in early June before slowly declining in November.

Looking at the keywords users search under, the study found the seasonal popularity of retail keywords often mirror significant holidays or events, such as Halloween or Mother's Day.

January sees a rise in searches for insurance-related topics while house-buying keywords increase from spring through to autumn.

Elsewhere, in the automotive sector, searches for auto-dealers are popular in spring, but winter-servicing records a higher rate in the early months of the year.

Data sourced from MarketingProfs; additional content by Warc