At a time when brand purpose is becoming a differentiator, the ad experience itself can become part of that strategy – highlighting what a brand stands for, increasing engagement and raising money for causes.

Traditionally, brands have been focused on how their content will influence what a consumer thinks of them, but, says Amy Williams, co-founder of ethical ad platform Good-Loop, the ad experience can also play an important role.

“I think that’s something that is really poised for someone to capitalise on,” she told WARC.

And since setting up Good-Loop in the autumn of 2016, she’s looked to fill that gap, working with major brands such as Nestlé’s KitKat to demonstrate a different side to ad tech – one that isn’t, to quote P&G’s chief brand officer Marc Pritchard, “murky at best, fraudulent at worst”. (For more, read the full article: Nestlé and Good-Loop: Two years of radical media.)

In October last year, KitKat ran creative on the Good-Loop platform that enabled viewers who completed at least 15 seconds to choose one of three different areas of the brand’s Cocoa Plan that they could ‘donate’ to – the actual donation coming out of KitKat’s media budget.

New figures show that the videos viewed this way saw a 50% uplift in completed video view rates versus the benchmark, with 82% of videos completed. Across almost 600,000 views, the same proportion unlocked donations to the project that totalled £29,049.

According to Williams, brands come to the platform with existing partners in place that they want to champion or they may have an initiative that they’re already talking about in their creative – KitKat being an example of the latter.

But it’s not just about purpose, she added; sometimes brands are simply after Good-Loop’s record of effectiveness.

“It’s just a pure performance marketing plan and they have a video that they want people to watch through to the end.”

Sourced from WARC