BALI: GO-JEK, one of Asia’s hottest homegrown brands, has not been afraid to rewrite the rule book on its path to more than 100 million orders every month, according to the company’s CMO.

“When you grow at this type of rate, there is no other option than to rewrite because the things that you’re building get outgrown by the size of the business incredibly quickly,” said Piotr Jakubowski, Chief Marketing Officer of GO-JEK, at the Asia Pacific Media Forum in Bali, Indonesia recently.

His view is that when you talk about rewriting your playbook, you have to look ‘under the hood’ of the company. (For in-depth insights, subscribers can read Indonesia’s Go-Jek rewrites the playbook for high growth.)

In GO-JEK’s case, serving huge amounts of demand is simply not possible if its app isn’t using the newest technology. As much as “50% of the technology that makes GO-JEK run today either did not exist or was not considered standard just two years ago. That means that every single developer that works on our business needs to relearn a new way of doing things every year,” Jakubowski said.

The company’s success in Indonesia has been positive for the country’s economy as a whole, too.

“All we did is we took these (drivers). We gave them a phone, and we gave them something to do: (there’s been) a 44% increase in driver partner income after joining GO-JEK, and a 31% increase in driver spending, meaning that more money is going into the economy. And last but not least, 75% of all of our drivers are making above national minimum wage,” Jakubowski said.

Brands should embrace change and evolution, or their competitors – which may not even exist yet – will make the rules for them.

“Face it: it’s what's happening. It’s what’s happening in the advertising industry, it’s what's happening in the marketing industry, it’s what’s happening in business. If you do not change, people and other companies will change around you and then you will be left behind,” he said.

“Shift the thinking from why to why not. Now more than ever, technology has given every single one of us the opportunity to participate in all of these different businesses and industries and to create new businesses and industries.”

Sourced from WARC