With media budgets tight in many markets, a new WARC report highlights the sort of innovative strategies, that, post-pandemic, brands can use to facilitate talking points and grab attention as well as drive PR and social engagement.

The 2020 Innovation Report, based on insights from the Effective Innovation category in the WARC Awards, highlights four themes from the winning campaigns: 

  • Innovation can build brand fame: “to belong in a category, sometimes you have to be bold enough to challenge people’s understanding of it”. 
  • Seasonal work can benefit from innovation: go beyond simply re-imagining traditions to “innovating a whole new way of life that is not merely human-centred, but life-centred”.
  • Simplicity creates standout: take an existing behaviour and make it easier or more fun.
  • Invest in innovative brand partnerships: these allow brands “to branch out in new directions, boost new attributes and bring fresh energy”.

Read WARC’s 2020 Innovation Report here 

Sourced from WARC