Instagram reigns supreme for Generation Z when it comes to discovering new looks and trends in the health and beauty sector – but they still crave the in-store buying experience, new research finds.

Those born between 1995 and 2015 have now overtaken Millennials as the largest generation, and account for 33% of the UK population. They spend £7bn a year and are said to spend an average of 10.6 hours a day consuming content on their devices.

The Pull Agency quizzed 1,200 people in the UK of all age groups for its report, The Future of Beauty – Is your Brand Ready for Gen Z?

Members of Gen Z, the first truly digital generation, not surprisingly look online when they want to research new trends and looks in health and beauty. Instagram is the favourite platform, used by 52%, with YouTube in second place (25%); magazines barely get a look in with only 1% of Gen Z saying they use them to find new products, and TV does little better, cited by just 2%.

When it comes to researching new health and beauty products before buying, 20% said they research and buy in store, and a further 33% said they research online but then go in store to try and buy.

Some 60% of Gen Z have bought a beauty product before they are 14 (13% aged under 12). Cosmetics is the most popular first purchase, bought by 45%, followed by skincare products (27%).

And when buying beauty products Gen Z care about the use of natural ingredients (58%), cruelty-free credentials (51%, higher than any other generation), and use of recycled packaging (42%).

They’re also the most likely generation to be swayed (33%) by health and beauty influencers; but just one in seven said celebrities would have any impact on their purchasing decisions.

For a generation so often associated with concerns about their looks, researchers were surprised to find that 71% said they would actually prefer to always feel good than always look good.

Claire Rance, head of brand strategy at The Pull Agency, said: “Gen Z aren’t focused solely on digital channels. They don’t typically have the larger expenses that come later in life and therefore have more disposable income to spend on health and beauty – but they also enjoy the physical high street shopping experience. Retail-tainment is the real draw for this generation.”

The report also describes members of Gen Z as highly motivated, socially conscious and altruistic. They expect unlimited information and entertainment to be instantly available. And they are the most educated and financially powerful generation of all time. 

Sourced from The Pull Agency