Companies that focus their organisation around delivering exceptional experiences for customers, employees and society grow their profitability year-on-year at rates which are at least six times that of their industry peers, according to a new study.

Consulting firm Accenture conducted a global survey of 1,500 C-suite executives (a quarter of whom were CEOs) across 21 countries and 22 industries and found a majority recognise their pre-COVID approaches won’t serve them long-term:

  • CEOs (77%), chief operating officers (56%), chief strategy officers (53%) and chief financial officers (51%) all said their company will fundamentally change the way it engages and interacts with its customers.
  • This CEO-led mindset is a holistic approach that goes beyond traditional customer experience and thinks in terms of being a “business of experience” (BX).
  • Leaders redirect data, tech and people to enable agility that continuously unlocks efficiencies that can be reinvested in new opportunities for performance and growth. 

“COVID has pushed experience further into the spotlight, accelerating its significance through every function and employee,” said Brian Whipple, group chief executive of Accenture Interactive. “Simply put, when you improve the experience, you improve lives and, in turn, you improve business.”

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Sourced from Accenture Interactive