WASHINGTON DC: The US Hispanic population is large, growing, young and experiencing economic and social progress – “an incredible opportunity for any brand”, according to an industry figure.

In a WARC Best Practice paper, How to market to Hispanic consumers in the US, marketing consultant Belia E. Jimenez, highlights the size and influence of the Hispanic population on many areas of US public life and popular culture.

“The challenge for marketers wishing to sell to Hispanics is determining how Hispanics are different from Non-Hispanics,” she says, and that requires close examination of research processes to ensure that cultural context is integrated at all stages.

“Hispanics live in two worlds and easily and seamlessly navigate both worlds in almost everything they do,” she explains. “We see that duality in their behavior, and in the products and media they consume.”

As well as picking up on cultural nuances, marketers also have to consider the language question. Most Hispanics are bilingual and bicultural, and in-language marketing can show a commitment to engaging with them, “but integrating cultural insights within your messaging is much more powerful and allows you to connect emotionally with this audience”, Jimenez argues.

A third factor is the need to be authentic and credible as Hispanic consumers will soon pick up on inaccurate portrayals of their lives. Marketers need to tread carefully given that the Hispanic population is so diverse, but they should note that it is tech-savvy and aspirational, Jiminez advises.

There are benefits of tailoring ads vs. using a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to effectively engage Hispanics, she adds. The latter may be effective in terms of cost and reach but less so in terms of creating a high impact relationship that can improve the bottom line.

“Any potential savings may be washed out by lower market share and sales performance among the segment with the biggest growth opportunity for your business.”

Finally, it is essential to be consistent, Jiminez stresses. “Brands that win with Hispanics stay connected with this segment year round, focus on building a relationship and reach them where they are.”

And if a brand is going to market to consumers in Spanish, it has to be sure to support them throughout the customer journey by including web pages and bilingual representatives in call centers/phone orders.

Sourced from WARC