Traditional TV viewing is on the decline across the US and northern Europe, with Finland one of the few countries to have resisted the lure of streaming TV during lockdown, a new study shows. 

The research

The AudienceProject Insights 2020 report looked at traditional TV and streaming across seven markets: the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. Among the findings: 

  • Traditional TV viewing fell fastest in the US (from 68% watching weekly to 59%) but actually rose in Finland (from 81% to 84%). The UK dipped from 80% to 79%.
  • Streaming increased fastest in the UK (from 57% watching weekly to 77%) and decreased in Finland (from 55% to 52%).
  • The great majority of viewers across all markets said they see the same TV advertisements too many times: from 93% (the highest) in the US down to 75% (the lowest) in Germany.


“Traditional TV is undoubtedly under pressure, but the decline has slowed in several markets this year. Reported ad irrelevance, overexposure and intent to stream more are not going to give the format an easy ride next year.” 

Sourced from AudienceProject