SAN FRANCISCO: Facebook has disclosed to advertisers that it has uncovered further errors with its metrics and is introducing a fix to at least some of them.

In the latest post on its Metrics FYI blog, the social media giant revealed that it is changing the way it calculates estimates for both the potential overall reach and the estimated daily reach of ad campaigns.

It said this would help to provide advertisers with a more accurate estimate for a given target audience and to better account for audiences across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

In most cases, Facebook advised, the changed methodology may result in a 10% increase or decrease in the audience estimates that advertisers previously saw.

Facebook also admitted that it had "misallocated" the extra reactions per user during live broadcasts of streaming videos. These were recorded in the wrong column, although Facebook emphasised that total counts were and are correct.

A fix for this particular issue will be in place by mid-December, but it does mean that the revised Live reaction breakdowns are expected to result in a 500% average increase in the number of "reactions on post" and a 25% average decrease of "reactions from shares of post".

Finally, Facebook said its internal review had identified a discrepancy between the counts for the Like and Share buttons between its Graph API and the counts on mobile search.

"We have found that there may be a difference between what these metrics count and what the mobile search query counts," Facebook explained.

"We are looking into why inputting the URL as a search query in Facebook's mobile app might have corresponding numbers that can be higher or lower in certain cases," the statement continued, as Facebook assured advertisers that it is working on resolving the issue and will provide an update on progress as soon as it can.

Data sourced from Facebook; additional content by Warc staff