SINGAPORE: Facebook’s advertising revenue in Asia-Pacific markets is continuing to soar, according to new figures released by the social media giant this week, despite ongoing scrutiny of the company’s approach to personal data.

Negative headlines with regard to Cambridge Analytica and concerns about the handling of personal data appear not to have affected the faith of advertisers in the company, nor that of everyday Facebook users across various countries in the region.

New data from Facebook, reported by Marketing Interactive, show that advertising revenue across Asia-Pacific reached US$2.1bn in Q1 2018, a huge jump from US$1.3bn a year earlier in Q1 2017.

Meanwhile, total ad revenue globally topped US$11.7bn, well above the US$7.8bn recorded for the same quarter last year.

Mobile advertising has taken off in Asia’s mobile-first markets in recent years, and Facebook’s figures indicate the market still has room to grow. Globally, 91% of Facebook’s advertising revenue was driven by mobile advertising investment in Q1 2018, up from 85% last year.

In addition, daily active users and monthly active users are both continuing to grow at pace, reflecting the dominant position of Facebook as the platform of choice in several of Southeast Asia’s emerging markets, including Indonesia and the Philippines.

Daily active user (DAU) count is currently at 529 million in APAC, up from 427 million last year, with this figure likely to increase as internet penetration continues to increase at pace in emerging markets.

Likewise, Facebook’s monthly active users continued to grow with a 13% increase year-on-year, cracking the two billion user mark with a total of 2.2 billion on average as of 31 March 2018.

Sourced from Marketing Interactive; additional content by WARC staff