NEW DELHI: Email is enjoying a resurgence among marketers as automation and personalised communications become priorities for brands, according to a senior marketer in India.

“Email is now a part of multiple channels, so that’s the new holy grail. It has given a totally new dimension to email marketing,” said Avinash Pant, Vice President at Kenscio Digital Marketing.

“As the internet gained popularity, email marketing replaced mail order catalogues … As the usage of smartphones increased, email became more and more mobile friendly, it became scientific, and the engagement happened through personalisation,” he said at the Affiliate Marketing event hosted by IAMAI in New Delhi recently.

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Personalisation driven by effective use of customer data could offer marketers even more opportunities in the email space, Pant continued. With technology such as machine learning and artificial intelligence becoming more influential, email is set to innovate itself once again as brands reconsider the medium.

“2017 is the year a lot of innovations have happened in email marketing – it’s reinventing itself, it’s the year of re-think. Automation has become a big thing with multiple platforms available, big data personalisation is now elementary to email marketing,” he said.

However, getting personalisation right – particularly with regards to timeliness – will be key to keep consumers from unsubscribing.

“Personalisation has become more ‘real time’ – a mail sent in the morning can possibly lose its relevance by the evening or even by the afternoon, so it’s absolutely important that the personalised message sent is relevant at the time of opening of the mail. This is where the future is going,” Pant said.

Sourced from WARC