Online marketplace eBay has launched a new advertising offer that promises to help advertisers deliver more impactful campaigns through improved shopper insights and influence.

Sitting within its eBay Advertising division, the company announced that the new offer has been developed in response to demands from brands for more transparency and effectiveness across all customer touchpoints.

Aimed at the European market, eBay Advertising’s UK and German teams will work with brands and agencies to help them understand, target and influence customer groups at scale.

And a new in-house sales team is being created to foster greater collaboration with eBay’s advertisers, who will be able to draw on the company’s shopper insights and data about its 177 million customers.

Two former Publicis executives, Geoff Smith and Oli Knight, will take charge of the unit as director of adtech and innovation, and head of UK advertising, respectively.

Meanwhile, Mike Klinkhammer becomes director of advertising sales EU, while Phuong Nguyen has been promoted to general manager of EU advertising.

“This evolution of the eBay Advertising business is a statement of our commitment to the UK market, and a strategic response to the rapidly changing and converging media and e-commerce landscapes,” said Nguyen.

“The industry is realising the power and potential of digital shopper marketing. There are huge opportunities for brands to get closer to their customers and make a bigger impact,” he added.

Nguyen went on to provide further detail of the initiative in an interview with Digiday, particularly the advantages he sees in the rollout of server-side adtech.

“We want to share more information with our buyers around what’s working better for them in our programmatic auctions and we want to help them become more efficient in how they spend with us,” he said.

“Our aspiration is that the server-to-server platform we’re building is going to be at the core of eBay’s advertising infrastructure for many years to come. It’s the way we believe we’re going to truly unlock the value that comes with accessing eBay’s wealth of shopping insight.”

Sourced from eBay Advertising, Digiday; additional content by WARC staff