NEW YORK: Dun & Bradstreet, the business information provider, is developing its offer around data, including segmentation and targeting, in order to accelerate conversion for B2B marketers, according to one of its top executives.

The company, which provides commercial data, analytics and insights for business, was acquired for $5.38bn last month by a consortium of private equity firms. Its data cloud holds 300 million business records.

“We’ve historically brought this strong credibility and trust, and in the past few years we’ve been hyper-focused on building out our presence online and figuring out how to apply that data and credibility in this environment,” Michael Bird, Dun & Bradstreet’s company’s executive VP and global GM, told Ad Exchanger.

Part of that process involves integrating its various tools to better serve customers and moving into new business areas.

“Where I see our road map going, for instance, is building on things like a recently launched product called DataVision that essentially is a customer data platform (CDP) for the B2B marketplace,” Bird explained.

“CDPs have been very active and an important part of the stack for consumer marketers, “but it hasn’t crossed the chasm to B2B and we’re squarely focused there,” he said.

Accordingly, the business is working on identity resolution – and Bird reported that “we are getting it to the point where we can say with confidence who’s who and who’s not in online media environments”.

Beyond that, Dun & Bradstreet is also building out analytics and segmentation, matching and integrating its data with cookie and ID pools to make it available to marketers.

“We’re moving closer to that targeting and then to the real-time media activation space,” Bird stated.

“Right now we’re filling out key partnerships and building the targeting tools, but it will eventually make sense for us to be more active there and own that capability,” he added.

Partnerships will remain a feature of its approach in other areas, however. “We’re not doing site design or dynamic content,” Bird pointed out. But “we can help inform what content and communications you display based on whether someone has professional buying power for your service, for example, or where they are in that B2B funnel.

“That’s going to help you get people to that sign-up or white paper or whatever conversion with fewer steps.”

Sourced from Ad Exchanger, Research Live; additional content by WARC staff