During a year when locked-down consumers have turned to both direct-to-consumer brands and streaming services, it makes sense that these are working more closely together.

A recent study from measurement business TVSquared notes that many DTC advertisers are taking the opportunity of increased viewership and lower inventory costs to experiment with different streaming buys to see which work best for their specific brands.

Specifically it found that:

  • impressions peaked mid-week, while there was a noticeable drop off in response rates toward the end of the week;
  • the most cost-effective day in terms of CPR was Wednesday (+7%), the least cost-effective was Friday (-7%).

As well as offering reach extension, says Jason Wiese, SVP, Director of Strategic Insights at the VAB, OTT’s targeting and measurement abilities provide “the ability for brands to ‘test-and-learn’ and then apply those learnings to their linear TV campaigns”.

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Sourced from TVSquared