In a year when online time rocketed due to the pandemic, the average global internet user now spends two of every seven days of the week online, with around seven hours per day or 42% of our waking lives online. Here’s how We Are Social/Hootsuite’s Digital 2021 breaks down time spent.

Key points

  • Social media adoption surges by 13.2%. Now a majority of the world’s population (53.6%) is on social, 98.8% of them accessing via mobile. On average, each user spends two hours and 25 mins on social each day.
  • Second screen becomes first screen. As an average of the data sources cited in the report, internet users now spend around 53% of online time on mobile.
  • Search behaviours changing. While 98% still use classic search engines, new formats are gaining importance: 45.3% say they have used voice to search; 44.8% have searched for brands on social; 32.9% have used image recognition on mobile. Social search is key for young users (16-24), for 53.2% of whom social is the primary source of brand searches.

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sourced from We Are Social, Hootsuite