GLOBAL: A shift from mass to precise media has resulted in a greater focus on the use of tailored creative, but the role of creativity remains the same according to a new study from Gunn Report .

Gunn 100: Lessons from the world’s best creative campaigns, based on an analysis of the campaigns appearing in the Gunn 100 rankings, notes that the increased use of targeted media has required a different approach to planning and creating work, but says the fundamentals are unchanged.

“Creativity is the magical ability to capture and hold somebody’s attention while you give them some information, a demonstration, or an experience that changes the way they feel, the way they think and what they do,” explains Andrew Robertson, President & CEO, BBDO Worldwide, the most successful network in the history of Gunn Report rankings.

“That doesn’t change. The form that you are doing it in changes.”

That may well mean creating more content in various forms that can be pitched to smaller audiences on different platforms. And that become increasingly possible thanks to the volume and quality of data now available.

“Better data means that we’re going to be able to define better briefs for all of the components of what will be increasingly complex messaging architectures,” says Roberson.

“And better briefs mean better creative – because creative people always produce better work when they have better briefs.”

Alongside the data input into the creative, data also enables advertisers to optimize based on the actual impact of the work as it’s executed.

One consequence of these developments, Robertson suggests, is that the delivery of more relevant and rewarding advertising will mean consumers are less inclined to avoid it and that will permit the survival of ad-supported content.

“What we can expect is over time to reduce the amount of advertising that people are served but make that advertising much better.”

Sourced from Gunn Report