Content vital for Kopari BeautyKopari Beauty, the direct to consumer brand, is putting content at the heart of its efforts to reach its target audience and drive purchases among online shoppers.

Bryce Goldman, Kopari’s co-founder/CEO, discussed this subject at the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) 2019 Annual Leadership Meeting.

“Content is one thing we will never, ever stop creating,” he said. (For more, read WARC’s in-depth report: Kopari Beauty’s direct-brand path to purchase … and brick-and-mortar distribution.)

Elaborating on this theme, Goldman reported that a regular flow of output is essential to reaching – and, ultimately, converting – members of its target audience. “You’re dead if you’re not continuing to create content,” said Goldman.

“It’s the only way that we find to continue to drive down – or at least test to drive down – our customer acquisition costs. You never know how a piece of content or copy is going to perform on any of these different channels.”

To that creative end, he told the IAB audience in Phoenix, Arizona, Kopari – which uses coconut oil in its products – has enhanced its capabilities in this area.

“We just built out a new office and I would say 25% of the space” has been turned over to the kind of in-house talent that will continue to take the place of third-party studios, Goldman said.

The reason is simple: without sacrificing quality, the brand can deliver compelling content for Kopari. “We can do it in-house much more cost efficiently ... We literally never stop creating and testing,” Goldman said.

Moreover, the ubiquitous nature of always-on media demands a stream of fresh messaging in order to keep consumers engaged, even if some pieces of material have a slightly longer half-life than others.

“Content that’s out there exhausts quickly,” Goldman said. “You might have a piece that’s running really efficiently and helping you scale. But it fatigues quickly, so you have to back it up with more interesting stuff.”

Sourced from WARC