NEW YORK: Carnival Corporation, the cruise company, has enjoyed major brand benefits from investing in original TV programming.

Arnold Donald, President/CEO of Carnival Corporation, reported that the four cruise-related TV shows funded by the firm – Ocean Treks, The Voyager, Vacation Creation and Good Spirits – are making a real mark among US consumers.

More specifically, distribution on networks like ABC, NBC, A&E and the CW – coupled with a presence on video-on-demand properties such as Hulu, XFINITY, AT&T's U-Verse, DirecTV and others – has helped its content connect with viewers.

"These programs have now reached over 115 million US [consumers] to date," Donald explained on a conference call for investors.

Building on this theme, he suggested that data gathered by the company revealed this material is making a positive impact among viewers.

"Importantly, market research indicates these shows have notably increased consideration for cruising overall and favourability for our brands," said Donald.

"In fact, the recent study on US Travel Trends indicated business to cruise websites are now adding a historical high of 32% [growth in visits] year-over-year, and nearly double that of 2014."

Given the success of its TV efforts thus far, Donald suggested the company's brands are likely to continue investing in this output, as part of a wider boost in expenditure in certain core areas.

"They want to maintain the momentum, they're enjoying and we're getting smarter and smarter about how to invest dollars," he said.

"There is a plan to increase spend versus where we were previously, because they have recognised opportunities in media ... but also some of our proprietary TV programs."

Data sourced from Seeking Alpha; additional content by WARC staff